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The Water Finance Coalition gathers national and international public development banks aiming to improve the financing of the water & sanitation sector in order to achieve Sustainable Development Goal 6, the Paris Agreement objectives and to enhance biodiversity protection.

Why finance water?

Climate change is water change.

The greatest risk of global warming relates to water and the pressure over quantity and quality of water resources is a threat to human lives and ecosystems. 2.1 billion people do not have access to safe water and 4.1 billion people are still deprived of safely managed sanitation.


This lack of service coverage and sustainable water resource management has dramatic consequences on health, gender equality, economy and environment. The COVID-19 pandemic is a brutal reminder of the need for such basic services.

The water and sanitation sector remains underfinanced, according to the World Bank, more than US$ 110 billion would be necessary every year to achieve the safe access to water and sanitation targets, but only one-third of the needs are actually covered.

Water Finance Coalition_FINAL_Light blue drop.png
Water Finance Coalition_FINAL_Dark blue drop.png
Why finance water?
How does it work?

How does it work?

The Water Finance Coalition is a global coalition of international and domestic public development banks that meets quarterly. Sharing the aim to improve the financing of water and sanitation in order to achieve Sustainable Development Goal 6, the Paris Agreement goals and to contribute to biodiversity protection.

Main objectives of the Water Finance Coalition



Create a network of public development banks to enhance mutual-awareness and partnerships 



Investigate the current role played by national and local public development banks in the water and sanitation sector



Ensure sharing of case studies and success stories on the role of public development banks in financing water and sanitation

Timeline: Genesis


Water drives resilience in countries: Call to action for PDBs


(Finance in Common Summit)

Nov 2020

Water Finance Coalition creation led by AFD (chair) and BANOBRAS (co-chair)​

JULY 2021

Water Finance Coalition Joint Declaration

OCT 2021

Nov 2020 - July 2021

Study: Role of national Public Development Banks in the Water Sector

AUGust 2021

Joint Study presentation to Public Development Banks

AUGust 2022

CAF (chair), AFD and BANOBRAS (co-chair)

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Public Development Banks have the unique mandate to deliver on public policy objectives that support  economic and social development.

Explore more about the coalition, its members or discover some of the key Water Finance Coalition events and resources.

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